The Lipstick Stain

 An NYU Graduate short film
by Dagny Atencio Looper


Abandoned by her mother, 10-year-old Addie goes to live with her father at his funeral home in the Ozarks. In the middle of Christmas dinner, her new family decides to test her by playing a terrible prank.

2014, 10 mins



Sophia Lillis as Addie -

Devin Norik as Dennis -

Diane Ciesla as Memaw -

Brendan Titley as Jim -

Spencer Diamond as Spencer


Stills from set:


Writer, Director & Editor Dagny Atencio Looper

Director of Photography Joshua James Richards - artistry

Produced by Apolline Berty

Production Design by Tamar Meir

Costume Design by Liene Dobraja -

Composer Forest Walker

Post Sound by Scott Hirsch


Behind the scenes:


We have been fortunate to screen at the following festivals:

New Filmmakers/NY, 2015, June 17, 2015

Sarasota Film Festival, May 2015

Woodstock Film Festival, October 2014

NYSHORTS, June 2014

Little Rock Film Festival, May 2014

Florida Film Festival, April 2014

First Run Film Festival, 2014 - Winner Best Actress prize for lead Sophia Lillis


Watch the Full Length Film Here (10 mins):