Dagny Looper Reflects on the 2017 Black List Labs

Check out some reflections from my experiences as one of 6 writers at this year's Black List Labs!

First up is Dagny Looper, author of SLEEPING WITH THE DEAD: "This is film school packed into one intense week that is centered around not just improving your script but making you a better writer. This is the best experience I’ve ever had in my life as a writer."

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Dagny Looper picked for 2017 Black List Labs

Happy to announce that I was picked for the 2017 Black List Labs taking place in Los Angeles this month! I'll be working on my script, "Sleeping with the Dead," with the brilliant mentors: Scott Myers, Phil Hay (“Ride Along”), Jamie Linden (“Money Monster”), Phyllis Nagy (“Carol”), Allison Schroeder (“Hidden Figures”) and Kiwi Smith (“Legally Blonde”).

When Halley's Comet passes perilously close to Earth in 1910, the small town of Little Flock, Arkansas is gripped by fear of the end of the world, which forces its undertaker to stand up against religious zealots in order to protect his family.

Mood shots for the film with Sophia and Jake Lillis:

Sophia and Jacob water.jpg
Sophia in carriage.JPG

Sophia Lillis cast to play a young Amy Adams in HBO's "Sharp Objects"

Congratulations are in order again for Sophia Lillis who has just been cast to play a young Amy Adams in HBO's upcoming series, "Sharp Objects." Looking forward to the series!

Sophia plays the lead in both Tiny Mammals (2017) and The Lipstick Stain (2014).



Sophia Lillis' next role as Beverly Marsh in Stephen King's film "IT"

So proud of our actress, Sophia Lillis, who will next be starring as the lead, Beverly Marsh (the only female of the Losers Club!), in the film adaptation of Stephen King's "It." Sophia's first role was in my NYU 2nd year film, The Lipstick Stain, She recently starred in my short NYU thesis film, "Tiny Mammals." Congratulations Sophia! Can't wait to see you in the movie that will soon haunt many children's dreams to come. Xx

Check out the announcement in Deadline: 

We're currently submitting "Tiny Mammals" to film festivals, but you can watch Sophia in her first film, "The Lipstick Stain," here: http://thelipstickstain.com/

The Losers Club

IndieLoop one of 3 Teams in the 2015 NYU/Yale Pitch-Off on Thu. July 16

IndieLoop is honored to be selected by our entrepreneurial cohort at the Summer Launchpad Accelerator to represent NYU in the 2015 NYU/Yale Pitch-Off Competition on Thursday, July 16th from 6:30-9:00 pm.

Join us as 3 NYU teams face-off with 3 Yale teams, judged by a panel of 5 Venture Capitalists and an audience of 250 people interested in tech and entrepreneurship.

Stay afterwards to enjoy beer and food and network with other entrepreneurs.

NYU Global Center for Academic & Spiritual Life
238 Thompson Street
Grand Hall, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Admission is free:

IndieLoop named to Summer Launchpad Accelerator 2015!

Dagny Looper (co-founder of IndieLoop) will be joining the Leslie e-labs 2015 Summer Launchpad Accelerator on June 3rd.

IndieLoop is a media platform that allows filmmakers to brand themselves to find work, collaborate, and share resources.

Read more about the 10 accelerator teams (selected from over 100 teams) here:


"Oil and Water" wins Fusion 2015 doc pitch

Our feature length documentary, "Oil and Water," currently in production won the Fusion Film Festival 2015 doc pitch prize.

"Oil and Water" follows a group of Caltech scientists working to produce Hydrogen fuel from water to run cars cleanly everywhere. The lead scientist on this project, Dr. Harry Gray, has mobilized thousands of high schoolers from around the world to help with his research.

The winning 20 minute pitch was selected by execs at HBO, VICE, POV, Chicken & Egg and Impact Partners. Thank you Fusion Film Festival for putting this together!



Dr. Harry Gray

Dr. Harry Gray

Postdoctoral scholar Wes Sattler describes the team's process.

Postdoctoral scholar Wes Sattler describes the team's process.