Dagny Looper picked for 2017 Black List Labs

Happy to announce that I was picked for the 2017 Black List Labs taking place in Los Angeles this month! I'll be working on my script, "Sleeping with the Dead," with the brilliant mentors: Scott Myers, Phil Hay (“Ride Along”), Jamie Linden (“Money Monster”), Phyllis Nagy (“Carol”), Allison Schroeder (“Hidden Figures”) and Kiwi Smith (“Legally Blonde”).

When Halley's Comet passes perilously close to Earth in 1910, the small town of Little Flock, Arkansas is gripped by fear of the end of the world, which forces its undertaker to stand up against religious zealots in order to protect his family.

Mood shots for the film with Sophia and Jake Lillis:

Sophia and Jacob water.jpg
Sophia in carriage.JPG